Alex Spray Osteopath

As well as his role in treating clients, Alex is also a yoga teacher.

Before discovering the benefits of Osteopathy, he was a keen martial artist and was fascinated by the role that exercises and stretching played in injury prevention and rehabilitation. Alex trained as a Sports Injuries and Spinal Manipulation Therapist prior to the completion of the five-year degree in Osteopathy. Alex has practiced yoga for nine years, and now practices Hatha Yoga six times a week.

Arm balances combine strength and balance.



During his studies at the College of Osteopaths between 2006 – 2012 Alex built up Derby Sports Injuries Clinic, with a full-time dedicated city center sports injuries practice. Alex uses actively resisted muscle testing, biomechanical postural assessment, Orthopaedic provocation tests and gentle tissue palpation as his diagnostic screen. Alex works with patients from all backgrounds and addresses many different pain presentations although he has a particular interest in helping people with chronic pain.

Most recently Alex has begun practicing handstands, initially with little finesse but with time the discipline has become lighter and more controlled. In addition, he has begun to learn the gymnastics rings that are great fun if incredibly challenging.

Alex has taken up the trapeze and is having lessons at Deda.

Future develop is dancing and further handstands.